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Project description


Project reference: 2006-0201/001-001-15

Developing cultural tourism is one of the possibilities to strengthen active citizenship within a community and to develop co-operation at local, regional, national as well as international level.

During the learning process, in each participating country sample local cultural products will be created. These products will be based on different services provided by local inhabitants, on local natural and historical resources, cultural traditions and crafts, regional food etc.

The target group includes different disadvantaged groups eg minorities, senior citizens, women, rural inhabitants.

The project aims to involve these target groups in the process of being an active citizen and to encourage them to participate in the creation of cultural tourism products to promote their region to tourists both from domestic market as well as from abroad.

Project activities will include:

  • current situation analysis of cultural tourism offer in a region; 
  • selection of specific project participants, 
  • identification of expectations and needs of project participants; 
  • tailor-made short training course for participants on how to compose a cultural tourism product, 
  • elaboration of cultural tourism products within a community, 
  • testing of these cultural tourism products by project partners from other countries, 
  • constant experience exchange between project partners through partners meetings, study visits or exchanges, 
  • constant dissemination of project results.

Project results will include:

  • brochure on “best-practice” examples of culture tourism development in partner countries; 
  • brochure describing the created culture tourism products in partner countries; 
  • information leaflet about the project.

Duration:  3   years             

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